Fuselage Holder



This is nothing more than three 2x4s bolted together, but boy is it handy! I saw Cindy using this when I bought the glider so I figure they or someone in the Douglas Club thought this up. Note the center section is offset and the gaps are tightly measured to just fit. One does not unbolt this. It is placed cockeyed with port end forward and starboard aft. Forward is the side where the lower 2x4s are extended.




I suppose one could build better ramps. But the idea is to ramp up so the 2x4s can rest on a sawhorse.




Then roll the fuselage up the ramp high enough to put the sawhorses under it. A standard saw horse is a little too tall. This sawhorse I use is from Home Depot and has extendable feet. By removing the feet entirely it just happen to be the right height.