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N7595 Schweizer SGS 1-34 serial # 45, November Papa 12/24/08


Manufacturer: Schweizer Aircraft Corp.

Place: Elmira N. Y.

Date: September 25, 1970

License No. N7595

Type: SGS 1-34

Serial Number: 45

Description: 1 PCLM

T.C.D.S. No. G3EA

Paint: PPG concept DCC 17762 Blue; Imron 508 white

Weight Empty: 581, 604 lb. as equipped March 2001 (22 O2 with A-14)

Weight Loaded: 840 lb.

Wing Area: 151 sq. ft.

Control area: 42.61

Span: 49 2 or 15 meters

Length: 25 8

Tires Main: 5.00-5, Specialty Aero Trainer, 6 ply

Tube: Leakguard has a tr67 metal stem with a 90 degree bend

Brakes: Cleveland #30-9 with red MS fluid

Owner: Nicholas Thomas



1-34 in General

      Alexs Description

      or http://www.sailplanedirectory.com/schweiz.htm#1-34

      Virtual Aviation Museum

      Schweizer advertisement brochure:

1.      Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page4

      K&L Soaring now owns type certificates and supports the gliders

      Tom Rents Comparison of 33:1 gliders

      Finalglide spreadsheet

      Speed to Fly

1.      formula for speed to fly: http://www.stolaf.edu/people/hansonr/soaring/spd2fly/

      N number search of all 1-34 (8050146) and 1-34R (8050147)

      NTSB search for accident reports

      1-34 Message Board

      FAA links I find usefull

      Performance summary from Harris Hill website


1-34 General Documents

When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying.

attributed to Donald Douglas

Type Certification for 1-34 (Do not follow instructions for placard, see manual pg 2):

SSP-PH-5 Flight Manual: reflecting SA-003

Annual Check List and lube chart

Manual for sale SSP-PH-5: Essco, Flight Manual for sale, Rare Manuals, K&L soaring


SSP-I-1 Publication Index for Schweizer Sailplanes from K & L Soaring, has many publications with Index


SA-001.4 or AD 87-17-01 One time 10-5-92

SA-003 Aerobatics in Schweizer Sailplanes

SA-005.1 or AD 87-02-01 Identification and Possible Replacement of Tow Hook Arm

SA-012 One time, seat pan Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page4


SL-001 Disassemble once a year

SL-002-5 Dive brake handle (sn# 1-18 and 21 only)

SL-002-6 Trim Control (sn# 1-7 only)

SL-002-8 Oversize holes in drag spar


N7595 Documents


External data plate exemption

Airworthiness Certificate

Replacement Airworthiness Certificate

Bill of Sale Form 8050-2

Registration AC Form 8050-3

Weight and Balance: (last time it was weighed.)

Weight and Balance interactive

Spreadsheet in xcell

Placard, pre launch, pre land, O2

337s (O2 installation, write me for a copy if you think this will help you and this will get scanned)


Accessories: no electrical system, 22 cu O2 tank and A-14, vertical compass, altimeter, airspeed, mechanical vario (no audio)

Insurance: Costello, 6 month flying, 6 months in hanger, about $475 a year

Tax: $55 in Minden NV


1-34 Special Tools

Fuselage Holder

Trailer for 1-34 after refurbish

More on trailers


Garmin GPS Map 76s


Other 34s on the Web

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       Photo: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3709294

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       List of US fleet showing 1-34s: http://www.csuttner.de/soaring/USA/usa.html and http://www.aircraftone.com/aircraft/models/schweizer_sgs_1_34_8050146.asp

       1-34 in NZ wave: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ajwatson/Gliding/Gliding-Images/9.jpg

       Soaring Tigers: pic http://www.iaa.com/soar/1-34.jpg and http://www.iaa.com/soar/1-34.gif

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Soaring Links by Paul Remde:

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Als: http://www.silentflight.com/ and www.gliderforum.com

Minden Soaring Club http://www.mindensoaringclub.org/index.html

Minden Airport (see regulations) http://mtairport.co.douglas.nv.us/mta.html

Soaring report, Reno http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/rev/fcst/srgrev.php?wfo=rev&pil=srg&sid=rev&version=0&pvnum=6

Glider Forum http://www.gliderforum.com

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ICOM IC-A22 brochure http://www.icomamerica.com/brochures/ic-a22.pdf

ICOM IC-A22 batteries and charger: http://www.batteriesamerica.com/newpage71.htm

Garmin 76S Manual: http://www.garmin.com/manuals/GPSMAP76S_OwnersManual.pdf

Garmin Mapsource Manual: http://www.garmin.com/manuals/MapSource_MapSourceUsersGuide.pdf

Garmin 76S for Soaring essay: http://n7595.freeservers.com/76s.htm

Yaesu VX 5R operating manual: http://www.yaesu.com/downloadFile.cfm?FileID=1154&FileCatID=151&FileName=VX5R%20Op%20Manual604.pdf&FileContentType=application%2Fpdf

Yaesu VX 5R modfiction: http://www.ham.dmz.ro/yaesu/vx-5r.php

Update this site: http://n7595.freeservers.com/cgi-bin/login?verify=1115146987&redirect=/cgi-bin/util/fm&user=

Diamond Goal story in 1-34: http://www.jimforeman.com/Stories/diamond_goal.htm



Sacramento Sky Ranch

Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Supply



Chief Aircraft



Todds Canopies

Spektr Products

not found, dead link http://www.airsuppliers.com/

not found, dead link http://www.aeroperform.com/aircraftparts/aircraft-parts-catalog/--WINDSHIELD-SCHWEIZER-1-34-HIGH-PROFILE-CANOPY--aircraft-parts.asp

not found, dead link http://www.texair.com/aircraftparts/aircraft-parts-catalog/SCHWEIZER-1-34-HIGH-PROFILE-CANOPY-WINDSHIELD-aircraft-parts.asp

not found, dead link http://www.aeroperform.com/aicraft-parts-paint-catalog/SCHWEIZER-buynow.htm


Seat Belts:


not found, dead link Hooker Harness: http://www.hookerharness.com/default.htm

Keen Soaring: 972 771-2450


My Pictures from Flights:



View Flights in Google Earth:

compressed files: http://n7595.freeservers.com/flights

2004 on has pictures, 2007 on has time caterpillar going along flight



Sectionals for Google Earth:

Blog about sectionals

Add sectionals to Google Earth from blog

Wiki about sectionals in Google Earth

Link from Wiki, should be same file as one from blog but isnt:



Topo Map for Google Earth:


7.5 min topos for Tahoe, Pine Nuts, Virginia City etc at Slide Yahoo Group for members


Airport information for Google Earth


awp is west coast


Convert IGC to Google Earth

The OLC makes the best Google Earth file, so submit your flights!

http://www.hgs.at/igc4google/ software and web based

http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ options like color by altitude

http://qfu.free.fr/igc2kml.php very basic



(my waypoints are not exactly like others on the net. Airports have 1,000 feet added to arrive at pattern altitude. Some locations have been modified to be more accurate. Names are set up for 10 digits to fit in Garmin 76s. Airport names have frequency hints as the last two digits. Comments for airports have the direction of runways and indicate if it is right pattern.)


Waypoints for Minden in Google Maps

Cant see them all at once, spread over three pages


Waypoints in various forms, (See You, Mapsourse, GPX)

Compressed file with all of them


Musing by me about Soaring:

Story about 500k flight to end badge work

A Day in the Life of a Soaring Pilot

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